I’m a former bioinformatician/computational biologist turned data scientist turned software engineer who focuses on improving researchers interactions with the data they produce. I’m part of the tidyverse team at RStudio where I focus on improving the performance of graphic rendering in R as well as taking part in maintaining ggplot2 and related packages

I’m on twitter (@thomasp85) and GitHub mainly, though you can also reach me on LinkedIn.

If you use some of the tools I develop and want to ensure that I can continue doing what I do, you can support me through Patreon or by donating directly through Paypal — Any amount is appreciated.

Art Commision

I create generative art using some of the tools that I develop. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces please contact me by mail (thomasp85@gmail.com) or Twitter. The current prices are $100 + shipment for a A4 print and $150 + shipment for a A3 print.


(for more examples of my work, see my instagram profile)